The Clever Cleaning Tricks You Didn’t Know

Cleaning TrickCleaning is hard work, no doubt about it. Cleaning different surfaces and materials around the house requires a specific approach and of course using the right products and materials. However, there are ways to make cleaning easier and more efficient. Here are some clever cleaning tips from Carpet Cleaning Chiswick which should make your housekeeping routine quicker and more effective.

Dusting Blinds – basically everyone knows that dusting blinds the quick way means closing them and then wiping them clean using a rag. Yes, that’s correct, but if you were to wipe the blinds using an old dryer sheet you would also get an effective antistatic barrier. Antistatic treatment for your blinds means less dust next time you clean.

Cleaning Glass – glass surfaces are notoriously hard to clean properly as there is always lint and fibres left behind from rags and cloths used in the process. The easy way out would be to use coffee filters, yes – the paper things from inside your coffee maker! Use new ones though – they are lint-free, leave no streaks, and will polish any glass surface quickly and easily to a perfect finish.

Deodorising Bathrooms – the average bathroom has that musky smell about it. It’s the moisture, humidity and temperature that are to blame for generating this specific odour. The situation can be easily rectified by applying your own natural formula bathroom deodorant. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and fresh water in a spray bottle. Spray down the shower right after using it. The vinegar will absorb and dissolve the musky smell. The potent odour of vinegar will disappear completely from the bathroom after an hour or so, leaving everything fresh.

Cleaning Burnt-on Residue from Ovens – ovens are a real problem to clean. The amount of stale grease and burn-on residue can translate to a daunting cleaning chore. If you want to make the job more manageable and less toxic, scrap all those harsh cleaning solvents and opt for pumice stone. Yes, good old pumice works better in removing residue from oven surfaces than many conventional oven cleaning products, plus it is absolutely nontoxic.

Washing Bathroom Mats – a fresh, well sanitised bathroom needs a clean and neat mat. Bathroom mats are usually thick and soft which makes vacuuming them a real nightmare at times. The way to go about cleaning the mats is to toss them in the washing machine once a week and give them a good spin. It is recommended to machine wash the mats separately from other items and garments.

Wood Floor Cleaning – many sources claim that vinegar will work well for cleaning wood floors, but it won’t. Although vinegar will effectively remove certain stains and blemishes from wood floors, it also affects their finish at the same time. Urethane coated floors will become pitted if cleaned with vinegar and will become cloudy over time as the natural acids in vinegar will eat away at the shiny surface. Instead clean wood floors using water base mild solvents or if the floor is in good nick, lukewarm water will suffice.