Microwave and Stove Cleaning Tips That Will Make Life Easier

Microwave and Stove CleaningMost people know how hard it is to clean the microwave and the stove to a proper finish especially Cleaners Croydon which specializes in cleaning for years. Usually, this is a dreaded cleaning chore as it takes a great deal of effort, time and lots of elbow grease. The list of tips and ideas listed below should make microwave and stove cleaning more efficient and manageable.

Microwave Cleaning Shortcut – this one is a beauty, toss a bunch of wet paper towels inside the microwave and run the thing on High for about three to five minutes (depending on how much gunk there is on the inside) – the steam from the wet towels will soften up stain and residue. Once the towels are cool enough to handle, use them to wipe down the inside of the appliance – Voila!

Dealing with Baked on Grease – stale grease and oil stains on your range or inside the oven are a common problem. Greasy stains are best treated before they dry. When cooking or roasting, keep the saltshaker handy so that when spills occur you can quickly sprinkle them with some table salt. By the time you are finished cooking or roasting, the stain and the salt would have burnt down to a small pile of ash – easily wiped off.

Baked on Stovetop Grates – many people have a real hard time cleaning their stovetop grates as they generate a fair bit of staining and residue during cooking. The easy way to clean these would be to treat them with a nontoxic oven cleaner and then stick them in the oven for a little while. If you have a self-cleaning oven run a cycle with the grates inside, and wipe them clean at the end.

Baked on pans and trays – baking and roasting cookware is usually thick with grease residue and burnt on oil. Such dishes are a real pain in the neck to clean properly. The easy way to lift and remove such stains and residue is to heat up the pan or tray and sprinkle laundry detergent over the affected areas. Cover the piece of cookware with wet paper towels and wait for about quarter of an hour before wiping and washing it. All of the gunk will come off quickly and easily.

Cooked-on Spills inside the Microwave – these are a real problem to remove at times, especially when stale. Carpet the dirty turntable and the microwave oven floor with a mixture of two parts bicarb soda and one part water. Wait for about five to ten minutes tops, and then wipe the surfaces using a wet sponge or damp rag. Remove leftover residue with a dry paper towel.

Oven Rack Slides – the oven rack slides i.e. the grooves inside the oven which hold the racks usually get clogged with residue and leftovers. When cleaning the oven, the oven wall ridges (grooves) must also be cleaned properly. This is best done using soapy steel wool pads. Once you have most of the gunk out of there, wipe clean and polish with a small amount of vegetable oil to ensure racks slide in and out smoothly and cleanly.